Friday, December 21, 2012

Welcome the New Cosmic Dawn!

Hawaiian sunrise atop the Haleakala summit
Hawaiian sunrise over the Haleakala summit by Tamugreg public domain img. Wikimedia Commons
It's not the end, after all, but a new beginning - a whole new cycle to either repeat or create history! So, herewith some interesting stories about this topic, as well as recommendations from various sources on how to spend this time:

1.  NASA's take on the Mayan Calendar.
2.  NYT's how to prepare, regardless of the nature of this event.
3.  WP's report on the cosmic dawn.
4.  TIME's story on the original cosmic dawn.
5.  Dayton Daily News' 10 things to do at the end.
6.  Edmonton Journal's 7 things to do.
7.  The Village Voice's what to do about the end.
8.  Babble's 10 things to do with your kids before the end. (some of these sound fun)
9.  Timeout's 50 things to do (this will keep you so busy you won't know it's all ended!).
10. Talk Tech's 23 techie things to do before it all ends.
11.  And finally, what to do if we're all still here (rats! this looks too hard).

Hubble Space Telescope image of NGC 7049 NASA
The original cosmic dawn - Hubble Space Telescope image of NGC 7049 - NASA

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