Saturday, December 8, 2012

Billionaire Birth Signs

Virgo symbolWarren Buffett from Forbes
Just read an interesting article on Warren Buffett in the NY'er, which goes into some detail about his personal traits and philosophy. Although I was already aware of his famous traits of frugality and simplicity, the article goes into more detail about his love of routine and stability. Hamburgers, french fries, and vanilla ice cream comprise his staple diet! This made me wonder a bit more about billionaires in general and what zodiac sign might predominate among them. It turns out, according to a survey cited in Forbes, that a good 12 % of billionaires are Virgos, including Buffett. This is considered a fairly high percentage for any one sign since there are twelve altogether. And Virgo traits do include frugality, love of service, being detail-oriented, and hyper-critical. The Forbes article also lists other billionaire signs - Sagittarius is the least prevalent among them.  Not that I believe in all this, of course :P , but as a Virgo, I can't help but feel somewhat flattered to be in this company, at least personality-wise. Money-wise, it's a whole other story, alas...

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