Sunday, December 30, 2012

Animal Bridges

Wildlife overpass in Banff National Park Canada
Wildlife overpass Trans-Canada Highway in the Banff National Park, Canada - photo by Qyd, Wikimedia Commons
I recently read about a study conducted by Clemson University students which produced some distressing results highlighting the dark side of some humans. The students conducted the study in order to help turtles which are killed crossing roads. I won't go into the details of the study, which can be reviewed here, but it did lead me to some good things that people are doing to help wildlife cross roads safely. Many jurisdictions around the world are building animal bridges which are contrived to resemble woodlands so that wildlife can safely and fearlessly use them. Some remarkable images of these bridges have been posted on the Twisted Sifter blog, and additional images can be viewed via a Google image search on wildlife bridges. So, a sad commentary on the dark side of human nature in turn revealed the good side that also resides in all of us. Thank God.

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