Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lyric Videos

"Turn Me On" by David Guetta featuring Nicki Minaj
I didn't realize this was actually a trend, since music artists have often included lyrics in their videos in the past. But more artists are now releasing lyric versions of their hits, in addition to the more typically visual ones. It's a welcome trend though, because the focus is on the music and its essential meaning. And in many instances, you really hear the voice coming through when it's reinforced by the lyrics. A case in point is Nicki Minaj's performance on David Guetta's video, "Turn Me on"  (embedded above). I was never that aware of Minaj's talent until I saw/heard this video highlighted on an NPR post by Mark Blankenship. Minaj's mega-flamboyant public persona overshadows her voice talents, but the lyric video showcases it brilliantly. And her voice truly packs a punch, though with smoother layers in between the wilder staccato notes. Another example in the NPR post is Madonna's "Girl Gone Wild" which probably would not have appealed to me presented in the typically raucous visual format for which she's known. But I actually liked the song after watching the lyric video, probably more than if I had only heard the standalone music - reading the lyrics along with the music brought out elements of the song that I might not have noticed. The lyric video trend has also been noted in other publications, in particular a USC college website. It's a nice alternative to those who want to hear the music more than watch the video, but with the visual enhancement of lyrics added.

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