Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bing it On!

Bing it on
Bing it On!
No typo there, Bing is challenging Google to a search-off with a side-by-side comparison of their search results. It's a blind test because the results for each search engine display randomly on the right and left and you have to choose which you find most relevant. I tried it and found I'm a Googler at heart. Of course, which results you pick is sometimes just personal preference, but I somehow picked Google's results over Bing's most often.  A couple of times my choice was a draw, but when I picked the winner, it was always Google. A CNET writer found the results interesting when he took the test, but a Betanews writer found it a turn-off. So, what does this mean? I guess maybe Bing still has some work to do, but I still visit the page every day to see the daily images, which are dear to my heart. For a great archive of Bing images, I recommend istartedsomething's website. Take a look at my results below (click the image to see my search queries).

My Bing it On test results
My Bing it On test results (click to see larger image with my search queries)

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