Thursday, August 9, 2012

Walk this way...

Statue of Liberty - photo by theLibraryLander
Statue of Liberty

This bit of news may have been well-publicized earlier, but I'd only heard this yesterday when Dr. Weil's Daily Tip revealed that New Yorkers are among the healthiest people around. His column cited a 2007 study conducted by the New York City Department of Health which stated that a baby born in New York in 2004 can expect to live nine months longer than the average American. New Yorkers seem to overcome the stresses of urban living by engaging in healthy habits, such as not smoking and walking everywhere. New York Magazine, back in 2007, examined the results of this study in more detail and provided interesting comparisons of the walking habits of native New Yorkers and tourists. (Yes, NYers walk way faster.) I guess it's time to pack up and join Lady Liberty!

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