Tuesday, August 21, 2012

These Books are Really Overdue!

Bookshelf garage
Bookshelf Garage

Author Robert Crais posted this pic on his FB page and it sort of went viral. Here's what he had to say about this photo: "More door! I never expected you guys to flip over "the library garage door" as you have. Over 40,000 people saw the post, and over 7000 of you shared it. Here's the 411, and please feel free to share this post, too: The door was commissioned by Lee Dembart, a former writer and book reviewer for the L.A. Times, who explained, "I love books. They're my passion." (Don't you just love the man?) The mural was painted by artist, Don Gray. You can see more of Mr. Gray's amazing work on his website, here: http://www.dailyartwest.com/ "

Crais is the author of several popular detective novels, such as The Monkey's Raincoat (his first) and most recently, Taken. He also wrote scripts for popular TV shows such as Hill Street Blues, Miami Vice, L.A. Law, among others.

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