Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Now You Can Have Your Cake and Read About It Too!

Bundt cake pan - photo by David Benbennick, Wikimedia Commons
Bundt cake pan - photo by David Benbennick, Wikimedia Commons
Libraries lend all sorts of unusual materials, and over the years I have worked at branches that have loaned out art prints, engravers, kilowatt readers, etc.  Now a recent news story reports that Kansas Public Libraries have a collection of decorative cake pans that patrons can borrow! Some of their libraries have hundreds of cake pans which are cataloged with call numbers, in this case their Dewey classification is simply, "cake pan." A catalog search of the Coffey County Library reveals that their cake pan collection contains interesting character pans as well as simple cake molds. It seems that libraries have to provide all things to all people to avoid becoming an entirely virtual presence!

And now libraries are experimenting with 3-D printers that may be used to convert any sundry items to a digital format which can then be duplicated physically for people to download and use. After that, nothing left to do but live our lives in the Holodeck!

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