Sunday, January 27, 2013

National Geographic Society's 125th Anniversary

Cover of January 1915 National Geographic Magazine
Cover of January, 1915
National Geographic Magazine
public domain Wikimedia Commons
Founded January 27, 1888, this iconic organization helped to literally globalize our view of the world. No one alive today has been untouched by their scientific and educational efforts throughout the world.  I remember as a grade schooler watching NGS documentaries about Jacques Cousteaus' undersea explorations and thinking I could do that  someday. Their ubiquitous yellow bordered monthly magazine graced many a coffee table, though that's becoming scarcer as print vanishes. Happily, their online and television presence continues to grow, expanding their outreach into newer frontiers.  Interestingly, no one quite knows what to do with their collections of NGS magazines cluttering basements; at some point, these will become valuable to collectors. Still, their motto, "Inspiring people to care about the planet" continues to define their mission. Happy Birthday, NGS! Thanks for giving the world a larger window into our home planet and beyond.

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