Monday, November 19, 2012

The Holidays are Upon Us...

Thanksgiving Plate Image by Alcinoe
Thanksgiving Plate - Public Domain Image by Alcinoe
It's that time of year for grateful gatherings; when tummies are filled almost to bursting, and deep slumbers follow. Those that can still walk the day after Thanksgiving may take a trip to the mall for Black Friday deals. Some will begin decorating for Christmas and get a head start on their neighbors by putting up lights - very efficient! I actually like to begin writing Christmas cards right after Thanksgiving - the Post Office may appreciate those like me who try not to inundate them at the last minute. The Postal Service says that December 17th will be their busiest day this year, so the earlier we get cards and packages mailed the better. But let's not get ahead of ourselves; we still have to enjoy our feast first. The major papers have helpful and enticing websites devoted to making Thanksgiving as delicious as possible. The NYT has a great video archive of Thanksgiving recipes, including traditional favorites as well as unusual dishes. There's a fun interactive Thanksgiving-erator where you can plan your menu if you're not sure what to do. There's also a very useful Q & A of commonly asked Thanksgiving questions. And not to be missed, a wonderful compilation of great vegetarian dishes for everyone. The WP has a nice collection of sweet potato recipes, as well as nice recipes for all those leftovers!

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