Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Are You Scientifically Literate?

Lab Tech Dorothy Roland at work at CDC lab in 1964
Lab Tech. Dorothy Roland at work at
CDC lab in 1964 (CDC PHIL image library)
The Christian Science Monitor has a 50 question quiz to test your basic scientific literacy. It's an interesting test covering different areas of scientific inquiry, but the format is a little clunky - requires some patience to complete the whole thing. Nevertheless, it'll jog your memory of school days in science and math classes. It's also a fun way to learn things that you may have missed while you were doodling or napping in class. Best of all, no one grades you, the score is for your eyes only! As for me, I did best on the Astronomy questions - math and chemistry were my weakest areas.
And if you can't get enough of these quizzes, Discovery has a whole slew of them covering a wide range of subjects from Automotive Safety to Wind Energy (and Time Travel, of all things).

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