Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Why Handwriting Matters

The Power of Words by Antonio Litterio Wikimedia Commons
The Power of Words by Antonio Litterio
Wikimedia Commons
The Guardian has published a very interesting extract from Philip Hensher's book The Missing Ink: The Lost Art of Handwriting, and Why it Still Matters, in which he talks about the importance of preserving the art of handwriting. He believes that handwriting is good for us, since it tells the world about us and contains so much of ourselves in it. The very act of handwriting brings out our personality and provides a kind of record that differs from digital writing, especially after one leaves the world. I know I cherish handwritten notes I've received from those I love and I like to believe they cherish mine as well. We are losing this art and skill very rapidly; so many children are not encouraged to learn penmanship anymore and cannot create ideas by putting pen to paper. It's all likely a losing battle since people have no patience for handwriting which requires long consideration, unlike the rapid tapping on smartphones which hardly requires thought at all. Ok, let's get out the pens for a change and write a letter to a friend!

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