Thursday, October 18, 2012

The FTC Robocall Challenge

Telephone Wikimedia Commons
Telephone (Wikimedia Commons)
Just read about an interesting challenge the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is throwing out to the public. Apparently, the problem of controlling robocalls is a real stumper and they want the public's help in devising ways of blocking them.  So, they're holding a contest which will run from October 25, 2012 through
January 17, 2013. And they're offering a reward of 50K for the winning idea. Whoever comes up a workable solution deserves far more than that, of course, but they will also have the public's undying gratitude. There's a whole set of rules that apply to this contest, but I'll bet it will inspire a lot of geeks to don their thinking caps and see if they can thwart robocalls. Good luck to all of them and may we all be free of these pesky calls someday soon!

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