Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Different Kind of School Work

Chewing Gum Stand Wikimedia Commons
Chewing Gum Stand (Wikimedia Commons)
Love articles like this that upend old notions about what kids (or anyone) can and can't do. A well done study in Finland shows that chewing sugarless gum containing xylitol is good for your teeth and that children should be encouraged to do it several times a day! No more scoldings from teachers about chewing gum, and hopefully kids won't be gumming up the underside of their desks anymore when caught :) And now when the teacher asks you whether you'll share your gum with the class, you can proudly produce extra gum for everyone! Gum, like chocolate, coffee, tea, and a wee bit of alcohol can be therapeutic. Of course, there's always a flip side to any story; it's also possible that gum chewing can erode enamel by increasing mouth acidity, according to a British study. I guess it's all about moderation and finding that sweet spot, literally.

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