Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Happy Juneteenth!

Harriet Tubman by Aaron Douglas 1931
 Harriet Tubman, 1931, by Aaron Douglas, American (1898-1979) - Oil on canvas, Bennett College Art Gallery, Greensboro, NC
Even though Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation in 1862, which became effective in 1863, word of this did not reach Texas until June 18 and 19th of 1865. Slaves in Texas were only informed of the Emancipation two years after the fact. The term, Juneteenth, was created in 1903 and it has been celebrated as a holiday throughout the south and other parts of the country. It is a state holiday in Texas and other states commemorate it in some unofficial manner. The history of this day is an interesting one and the holiday has enjoyed a resurgence of interest and acknowledgement in recent years.
"Juneteenth" A Painting by G. Rose

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