Saturday, April 13, 2013

Thomas Jefferson's 270th Birth Anniversary

Portrait of Thomas Jefferson
by Rembrandt Peale in 1800 - public domain

Our third President described his achievements best by writing his own epitaph: "Here was buried Thomas Jefferson Author of the Declaration of American Independence Of the Statute of Virginia for religious freedom & Father of the University of Virginia." No mention of being President, although that position couldn't have been achieved without his writing the Declaration of Independence to begin with. So, his emphasis on his authorship is well-placed! Every student of U.S. History is already aware of Jefferson's great intellect and wide-ranging interests, from science to religion, politics to philosophy, and much more. The following are some resources that highlight some particularly interesting bits of information about Jefferson, some not so well-known:

Aerial view of Monticello
Aerial view of Monticello (

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